The Impossible Quiz Unblocked

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If you love playing brain games then – The Impossible Quiz gives you exciting gameplay to enjoy.

With fresh graphics, this game can be enjoyed by all age groups. While playing this game, you are asked quite tricky questions that would challenge your knowledge. You need to use logic to answer them.

About the game

  • You will get three lives when you start the game, and every question will comprise of 4 answers. The questions asked will have one correct answer. So, you need to answer more number of right questions

The game also includes added features like 

  • Skips
  • Bombs.

These two features can be used to skip difficult questions. 

Learn to play the game 

  • You need to use your mouse to play the game

Tips & tricks for the game 

  • The game can be played in full screen 
  • In case you come across any problematic question, use skips/bombs to overcome it
  • The sound can be turned ON/OFF on your screen 
  • Some of the problems can be answered upon clicking the objects available on the game screen.
  • This exciting game is now unblocked for you to enjoy the game thoroughly.

How to play

  • Use mouse for playing the game.
  • The primary goal of this game is to provide the question and may seem to be simple, but you will have to answer it by using the right logic
  • Also, there is a duration within which you need to answer the question; else it will be counted as a wrong answer.
  • This quiz game will display more of multiple-choice questions.
  • In case if you start as a beginner, start with the easy level in the game and avoid switching to a higher level right from the beginning.


  • You can attempt more than 100 questions, and none of the items will be repeated.
  • Amazing touch screen
  • The issue can be skipped in cases where you do not know the answer.

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