The Binding of Isaac Unblocked

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The Binding of Isaac is an RPG shooter game that is generated randomly and comprises elements similar to Rogue. The players come across strange treasures while accompanying Isaac during his journey. These treasures transform the character of Isaac, offering him some new powers that help him encounter the droves of particular mysterious creatures and find out secrets while fighting and being safe.


  • When the voice of God is heard by Isaac’s mother, wherein God asks her to sacrifice to show that she has faith in him, Isaac manages to escape to the basement. He comes across droves of lost sisters and brothers, insane enemies, lost brothers and sisters, and he finds his mother there.
  • This is a 2D game you can enjoy in the school office etc. and you get to control the main character Isaac with ten other aspects that are unlockable. 
  • As a player, you defeat the monster with the help of Isaac’s tears in the form of projectiles and gather items that change its abilities, looks thereby making him more powerful.


  • Dungeons, bosses, items enemies are generated randomly, and you will always find new things in the game, and nothing is repetitive.
  • More than 50 types of enemies, each one of them having special powers to turn into even more ferocious, but they certainly drop perfect loot.
  • Find more than 100 items to help you get powers that transform the look of your character.
  • 20 or more bosses available 
  • Four complete chapters with eight levels 
  • Three plus unlockable classes
  • Plenty of endings 
  • Loads of unlockable bosses, items, enemies, etc
  • In this game, you will enjoy the thrill coming with each level. With no repetitions and lots to explore, this game is incredible and different. The game is worth playing and is full of excitement.

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