Masked Forces Unblocked

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If you love playing online games in the office or school, then masked forces is an entertaining action game that is unblocked for you to play almost anywhere. Freeze Nova designs the game

About the game

  • Masked Forces is a new game power-packed with thrilling action wherein you have to remove your enemies using the weapons available in the game.
  • When you are involved in the game, you can test the shooting skills while having a lot of fun in the game.
  • You can also get a lot of shops in the game and too many upgrades. You will surely love the game if you like action games and get a fantastic gaming experience.

Modes in the game 

The game offers two modes

  • Campaign
  • Online pvp 

The game also allows you to alter the set of weapons for your character. 

The weapons available in the game are

  • Revolver
  • Slugger
  • Thompson
  • HMG light machine gun

While in the game, you need to move continuously, plan it well, and always remain alert while playing. Your enemies can pop anytime.

This intense gameplay comprises of sharp graphics that remind you of Counter-Strike. 

Controls used in the game

  • WASD – for moving
  • Left-click for shooting and right-click for aiming 
  • R for reloading
  • Mouse wheel for cycling through weapons


  • Includes fantastic multiplayer & Single player 
  • Variety of weapons to choose from like sniper rifle, machine gun, SMG, etc
  • Characters can be upgraded with the level up format
  • Amazing gameplay mechanics
  • So, if you are willing to defeat your enemies and use the weapons that help you fight them, then masked forces allow you to do so, having complete entertainment and fun. You will love fighting out your enemies in the game.

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