Happy Wheels Unblocked

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Happy Wheels is an exciting game with exciting gameplay, and it is unblocked for gamers to unleash its features.

Playing Happy Wheels is easy

To play this unblocked game here is what you need to use

  • For Acceleration – Up Arrow
  • For Deceleration – Down Arrow.
  • To lean forward- Right Arrow
  • To tilt backward – Left Arrow
  • Shift & Control are meant for some secondary actions
  • Z key is intended for eject 
  • The space button can be used for primary actions. 
  • The game comprises of 9 different types of game levels. It is your choice to start with anyone of them you like.
  • Now you can choose the character you want. Now, much before you start to play the game, remember that this game needs the right balance, which is quite essential in the game.
  • To survive and remain in the game for long, you need to build a perfect balance and maintain it till the game ends.

Levels in the game

  • The difficulty levels are set as a default setting. The difficulty increases with each level in the game.

Features of the game

  • Three options are available in the game to choose graphics quality- low, medium & high
  • Options like smoothing & compressed textures can be used to enhance screening and graphics.
  • You can mute or unmute the sound in the game.
  • The option to control the number of particles displayed on the screen is available.
  • To play this game better, focus on terrain, and avoid running too fast. Make most of the actions of each character as they help you to face challenges in the game. You can now access the unblocked game and explore the game from any time and anywhere. You will have all the fun playing it.

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