Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked

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Gun Mayhem 2, a super-exciting shooting game with different characters, levels, and modes for game lovers to discover.

Playing the game is fun.

  • To initiate a race, you need to make a character that can be named as per your wish.
  • You will find the race scenes to be changing with each level, and they all are beautiful scenes.
  • The game has challenges for players to enjoy. You need to decide which gun you want to choose from many available.
  • You can visit – “Weapon library,” to find out the guns and try them to check how each one of them performs in live races. This will help you pick the right weapon.

Playing modes 

This game offers three different modes 

  • Campaign
  • Custom game
  • Challenges

Campaign mode

  • You will get to unleash 16 different stages available in this mode, and the main objective is to beat your opponents. It will help you quickly reach the next level.

Custom game mode

  • This mode lets players select characters, maps, and count of players they want to play with.
  • The players can select maps, characters, number of players as what they want. In this mode, every aspect gets ten lives.

Challenges mode

  • This mode helps players relax, and you need to continue shooting. Here you need to find how you can pull all the targets faster to make a record.


Player 1:- Arrow keys (up & down, left, right) for moving around and jumping and also tap Z key for shooting and X key for dropping the bomb.

Player 2:- WASD keys for moving, Y- throw bombs

Player 3:- Utilize these keys for moving

  • np/ np7
  • np8,
  • np9 
  • Press the key- np* for shooting and the key np- for throwing the bomb.

Player 4:- keys – for moving

  • np5
  • np1
  • np2
  • np3 
  • Press the key – np0 for shooting
  • np. Key – throw bombs.

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