Fireboy and Watergirl Unblocked

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Fireboy and Watergirl is undoubtedly an addictive game that involves two players, and you need to choose one of the characters from Fireboy/ Watergirl. 

You will now love it playing this unblocked game in school or office, and if you have played the other series in this game, then you would like this new edition too.


  • Both the characters in the game collaborate to overcome the difficulties that come with each level.
  • While in the gameplay the characters need to discover various temples like 
    • Wind temple
    • Ice temple, 
    • Fire temple
  • Every area has a set of challenges that you need to pass through. The first area is the forest temple. In this area, both the characters gather coloured diamonds and reach final doors. 
  • Here you can check for buttons, traps, and levers. You need to plan out your actions and the character you select very carefully.
  • Of course, working as a team is essential, and you will not be able to succeed at any level without the help of a fireboy & watergirl.
  • Every area you enter has its unique style, like the light temple is designed with bright coloured lights. 
  • In the entire process, do not miss out on checking the timer. Yes. You get just 2 minutes to complete each level; that’s the reason you need to be fast.
  • Attain success at each level and accept the challenge of Waterboy & Firegirl. You can have added fun by engaging in the play with your friend, wherein you can use dual controls to enjoy the game. 


  • Arrow keys for managing fireboy.
  • WASD to manage water girl.


  • Plenty of temples to discover which includes, Light, wind, forest, fire crystal, etc.
  • Number of levels plus challenges to face.
  • Two players gameplay.

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