Cookie Clicker Unblocked

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It is a yummy game which needs you to bake tons of cookie cakes Cookie Clicker is one of the exciting clicker game that comes with a baking theme.

You need to bake cookies by tapping the giant cookie. Make use of the cookies you collected to purchase the upgrades. This will help you gain more and more cookies. 


  • Start the game by clicking available giant cookies to generate cookies, and every time you click on it, you produce an added cookie.
  • Once the cookies you gained increases, you can buy upgrades as well as a workforce. To begin, start clicking continuously to build up cookies and revenue. With the passing time, you can buy automated updates. It helps you to halt clicking and relax and watch the entire gameplay being automatically working for you.


You will get two different upgrade categories:

  • Buildings:- In the buildings category, there are different items available, which automatically generate cookies like grandma and cursor. The cost of this category increases at regular intervals.
  • Upgrades:- For upgrades, category comprises of updates to enhance the clicking rate, and cookies produce with each click.
  • You will find this game progressing faster, and you will end up collecting cookies in thousands and thereby enhancing your popularity.
  • Certainly, this game will hold you for a long time, and the gaming techniques are easy to learn 
  • You can also leave the game in between, and when you come back, you will still find the match in action baking your cookies. 


  • Idle – clicking game
  • Fantastic collection of research and upgrades
  • Gameplay full of humor and funny phrases
  • Start baking your cookies by clicking and let the automated baking process work for you. Bake as many cookies as you can to earn more points. 

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