Basketball Legends Unblocked

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Basketball legends, as the name says, is an exciting game for all basketball lovers. It is a multi-player game designed by MadPuffers. The game offers fantastic and sharp graphics you would love while playing.

Characters in the game

  • You will find the following character names in the game that are associated with well-known basketball players
    • Lebron James
    • Derrick Williams
    • Stephen Curry.
  • It would be an enjoyable experience playing in the game with characters against the name of the above famous players.
  • Just start by picking any of the legendary basketball players and continue to play in NBA.
  • You can play with any of your friends as the game is unblocked for you to discover a better gaming experience.

How to play the game

  • You will have three modes in the game to choose from 
    • 1 Player
    • 2 Player
    • Quick Match
  • In case you wish to play with your friend, you can select the game mode – 2 players to explore endless fun in the game.
  • You can choose the name of any of the famous basketball players and start playing with the player. This game lets even four players play simultaneously.

Game Controls for Basketball legends

Player 1

  • B –Shoot or Perform action
  • WASD – Move
  • S – Pump
  • D two times- Dash
  • V – Super shot

Player 2

  • Down Arrow – Pump
  • L –Shoot or perform an action
  • K- super shot
  • Up, Right, Left arrow keys – Move
  • Left arrow two times- Dash

Features of the game

  • Clear and stunning graphics
  • Real players are allowed to build teams
  • A various technique in the game lets the player discover individual gaming strategies
  • Can be smoothly played on a computer
  • This game will hold you into the game for longer if you love playing basketball.

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